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Anna Kruhelska is a visual artist and practising architect from Lodz in Poland. She has worked as an architect on a vast array of major projects in Russia, Malasia, and the UK, all of which has formed her understanding of form, symmetry and space, and given her a knowledge which has clearly allowed her to cultivate a congruous and innovative contemporary practice.


Kruhelska focuses on abstract, three-dimensional paper wall reliefs that work by reflecting light - with the overall effect dependant on the viewer’s perspective. The central concept of her work is the interplay between light and shade, contrast, and the repetitive patterns created by the folds and hollows in the work.


inspired by minimalism, architectural composition and origami (as well as by the chip carving technique which is popular in Southern Poland), Anna creates clean, crisp, often white-on-white framed wall installations. These artworks are beautifully presented and often work alongside one another in formation so, although not officially diptychs, very often the artworks appear to flow from one frame to the next - this catalogue is set out to display this across the pages.


The pieces are all signed and numbered. They are made from archival, light-resistant and acid-free paper. All of the paper elements in each piece are folded and assembled by hand with meticulous care and attention to detail.


“I am a qualified architect and for the last 14 years I’ve been working professionally. I love my job, but at some point I realized that I needed a project which would be more artistic and would give me the opportunity to creatively express myself and explore ideas I find interesting.

I love minimalism and simplicity and I am fascinated by patterns, texture and the play of light and shadow. Wanting to combine all these inspirations, I began to experiment with pleating fabrics but after few months, I turned to paper which I used to work with a lot during my university years. While there are many limitations of paper I discovered that it gives me a lot of creative freedom and possibilities. That’s how it all began”. ANNA KRUHELSKA

Woolff Gallery, 89 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 4PU

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