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Born in Canada, 1981

Carali McCall is an artist whose research is engaged in performance and drawing. Co-author of the recent publication Performance Drawing: New Practices since 1945, McCall uses her practice to investigate materials and question the role of an artist and writing to inform her thinking.


Awarded an MFA at Slade School of Art in 2006 and PhD at Central Saint Martins in 2014, McCall continues to be involved in academic research and is currently working on an Arts Council England funded work, titled, RUN VERTICAL (Running up the Side of a Building). McCall continues to grow her practice and is participating in the inaugural Turps Banana MASS Correspondence course 20/21.

Focusing on the durational element and physical processes of drawing, using traditional materials of graphite and paper, McCall draws large circles (the dimension of her arm) until she can physically no longer hold the graphite. The artist can continue drawing in a sustained and vigorous manner for around 3-4 hours.

McCall first performed a Circle Drawing in Toronto in 2004, this has continued as an ongoing series. She explores the limits of the body, the effects that these have on the markings, and what happens when you do something for as long as you possibly can.

Her aim is to maintain a constant movement and to draw a visible line that embodies effort and pace, there will be unpredictable markings on the paper, perhaps a trace of blood from the hand, or maybe the paper will tear, all of this will be recorded within the work. Eventually fatigue will become a factor for the artist, she will adjust her stance searching for a more bearable position, the later part of the performance testing the relationship between the mind and the body, when should be the moment to stop?

The hypnotic swooshing sound of the graphite on paper draws the artist into a rhythm and similar to a long distance runner, the body feels compelled to sustain the movement. There are moments where her entire body is used to create the work, her legs helping to force the movement, her sweaty head resting on the paper... McCall will know when the work is finished. 

Use link below to view video on YouTube showing Carali McCall creating a previous work:

Carali McCall, '7 mile line', Performance Drawing,

Gold, Graphite, Gouache on Paper with blue mount and

black wooden frame with museum quality glass,

124cm W x 122H x 7D / 50" W x 49"H x 2"D


(Click the images to enlarge slideshow)

Carali McCall, shoulder sculpture (on plinth),

Papiermâché (old circle drawings) + plaster + cement + wood + medical foot pads / felt.

30 W x 30 D x 30cm H / 12 W x 12D x 12"H


(Click the image to enlarge)

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