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Since 1982 David Begbie has worked almost exclusively with the human form, primarily scupting in steelmesh but also producing monoprints, etchings, ink and charcoal drawings mixed-media work and photographs. But it is for his distinctive steelmesh bodies that Begbie is most renowned.

'The preoccupation with the human form as his subject stems from an early age, the fascination for reproding figurative bodies insteelmesh has extensively over the last twenty years. Looking back at his work there is an elament of crudity as he fashioned the flat steel grid into three dimensional form. Recently Begbie has achieved the fine sculpting detail of musculature and human form which has already been compared to that of Michelangelo and Rodin'.

David Begbie has exhibited extensively throughout the world over the last 35 years.

Please contact the gallery on: with any enquiries regarding David Begbie's artwork

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