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Finn Stone (b.1971) is a creative and contemporary designer - he is one of the UK's leading makers of fibreglass furniture, mostly known for his 'Ball Chair', which is sold worldwide. Stone demonstrates an extraordinary level of enthusiasm and energy, and appears to have an inexhaustible reserve of inspiration which results in the most unusual and diverse artworks created from a multitude of disciplines.

As well as his design products, Stone creates unique one-off often sculptural artworks which are 'tongue in cheek', and laced with humour, his flamboyance and overzealous imagination resonates throughout his work. Finn uses materials such as aluminium and fibreglass, as well as more mundane, everyday household items such as lego, and toy cars. 

Finn Stone is a 'remarkable eccentric' and his work certainly achieves his own description of 'fun, funky and fascinating'. His unique sculptural artworks are a by-product of his lateral thinking and are very often dripping in absurdity...


Please contact the gallery on: with any enquiries or information regarding Finn Stone's artwork

Click here to download Finn Stone 2015 exhibition catalogue

Click here to download Finn Stone Re-Mastered exhibition catalogue

Click here to watch Finn Stone's 2015 interview

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