Fiona Morley's intricate work expands drawing into a three-dimensional realm. Her use of flat emulsion paint contrasts and accentuates the three-dimensional effect of the wire, the depth of the work appears to change with differing levels and angles of light cast upon it, creating movement from the shadows cast from the wire.

'My work explores human expression, form and relationships between individuals and within the crowd. Having studied drawing and sculpture, I found wire the ideal medium to take the drawn line off the page into 3-dimensional space. Using wire, the definition of form comes as much from the voids and shadows as from the material itself. Human expression and form is complex, fleeting and fragile. The web-like weave of wire, shadow and space attempts to communicate this nature. The resulting wire characters combine the ghostly and ethereal with the comic and cartoon.' Fiona Morley.

Fiona Morley's work can also be found in the Museum of Modern Art, Wales

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