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Frank.J.Miller decided that he was going to be an artist in 1948 when he visited the Metroplitan Museum in New york with his father, the very same year he smashed up a TV, and there his inspiration was born.

Frank.J.Millers incredible contextural work expresses his fascination with the industrial detritus of our culture. At first glance his post-apocalyptic style landscapes appear to be made of weighty, rusting metal, but upon closer examination you realise that each piece within the artwork is part of an everyday electrical item into which Miller has breathed a new life. Giving beauty to the interior mechanisms of discarded appliances, he carefully hand-paints each element of the work with his rich palette of earth tones - resurrecting the 'waste' into artworks of great harmony and beauty.


Please contact the gallery on: with any enquiries regarding Frank J Millers artwork


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