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The Graduate Art Show 2022 

The Graduate Art Show was Launched early in 2022 to continue the work of its predecessor. FloatArt. 

FloatArt London first began in South London established by Dr Anand Saggar. a founder of the project. gallery owner and collector. The aim was to create a platform to showcase the nation's emerging Art graduates. 

Young graduate artists are at a difficult stage in their careers. Leaving the sheltered world of the college and faced with the realities of the Art Market for the first time. To fill this gap. Anand and Victoria Charlton have worked to create a unique opportunity to showcase and develop. a new and exciting platform for contemporary artists. These past two years have been even more difficult because of the pandemic that has affected us all. Hopefully the annual show will give the graduates the support they need. now and in the future. 

The Graduate Art Show is fortunate to receive the support of Georgina Dillon. owner of the Zari Gallery and Nick Woolff. of the Woolff Gallery. They are both generously donating their time and central London space to host the show. 

Anand Saggar is a medical doctor specialising in Clinical Genetics at St George's Hospital and private practice. He was Chair of the Arts Committee at St Georges NHS for over 14 years. Anand has been at the forefront of developing Arts programmes for hospitals. collaborating with painters. students and artists in residence. 

Victoria Charlton has spent many decades working with theatres. musicians. museums. and artists of all disciplines. She has promoted performances of dance. opera . music. collections of museums and solo artists internationally. The Graduate Art Show reflects her desire to help establish careers for graduates just beginning their life in a tough commercial world. 

With the help of the international judges the Graduate Art Show 2022 has invited the most talented and original BA and MA students and graduates to showcase in London during Frieze Week London. The 50 participants were selected from hundreds of submissions. 

Submissions for 2023 will open in February 2023. 

Lauren Goldie
Central Saint Martins UAL

2_Lauren_Goldie_Building Supply.jpg

Medium: Orbital Objects
Full installation size: 130 x 120 x 35cm
(Sculpture Left) 'Building Supply' red sand, resin and metal. 43 x 23 x 19cm
(Sculpture Central) 'Food Source', white sand, metal, resin and soil. 40 x 25 x 20cm
(Sculpture Right - no single image) 'Fuel Shortage', bituminous carbon, resin and grey sand. 40 x 24 x 20cm

Each sculpture is priced separately at £4,950

Oliver Gardner
University of West England

Oliver Gardner, lightbox 1, Untitled Project 6, Perspex Light box, 1000mm x 500mm.jpg
Oliver Gardner - lightbox face.jpg
Oliver Gardner - lightbox.jpg

Lightbox 1, Untitled project 6

Perspex light box

1000mm x 500mm

(One artwork photographed from either side & face on)


Sophia Cakova
Central Saint Martins UAL 

Sophia Cakova_TheLight_2022 42.5 x 84 x 2cm, oil on belgium linen.JPG

Sophia Cakova, 

The Light 2022, 

42.5 x 84 x 2cm,

Oil on belgium linen


Polly Jane Wilson
Slade School of Fine Art

Polly Jane Wilson, fertile, sculture, metal acriculture salvage, & straw, 112 x 82 x 30cm.

Polly Jane Wilson,


Sculpture, metal acriculture salvage & straw,

112 x 82 x 30cm


Anda Albu
University for the creative arts

Anda Albu_Strata.jpg

Anda Albu,



x12 pcs, each 35 x 10cm (approximately - each measures slightly different)

£350 each

Patricia Small,
University of the Creative Arts, UCA Farnham

Patricia Small 1.jpg
Patricia Small 3.jpg
Patricia small 2.jpg

Patricia Small

Ceramic wall mounted installations (left and centre) Freestanding ceramic work (right)


Left Image (Green): £360

Centre image (red): £330

Vase (right): £1,700

Anastasia Mykolayska Shutka,
University for the Creative Arts

Anastasia Shutka,  crylic, plaster resin

Anastasia Mykolayska Shutka

Slava Ukraini

Acrylic, plaster resin, cast faces on lino-printed & Indian-ink dyed stretched fabric

280 x 150cm


Anita Chanda,
Central Saint Martins UAL 

Anita Chanda The Net.JPG

Anita Chandu

The Net

Found and repurposed nylon mesh

59 x 95 x 5.5cm


Charlotte Van Berckel,
City and Guilds of London Art School

Charlotte van Berckel, Landscape in June 3 2022 van Berckel.jpg

Charlotte Van Berckel

Balloon Installation - new version to be created for The Graduate Art Show


Jason Stirland
Norwich University of the Arts

Jason Stirland, No Running, Print, A3.jpg

Jason Stirland

No Running

Giclee print (Ed 1/10)

59 x 89cm (Framed)


Zoe Worton
Cardiff Metropolitan University

Zoe Worton, 10 x 10 ins, .png

Zoe Worton

24 x 24cm each

£325 each

Eleni Maragaki
Central Saint Martins UAL

Eleni Maragaki-Silver Light, Japanese Paper, card, LED, colour spray, 22 x 22 x 18cm.jpg

Eleni Maragaki

Silver Light

Japanese Paper, Card, LED, Colour Spray

22 x 22 x 18cm


Daniel Hayton
De Montford University

Hayton Pepita 27 x 26cm.jpg
Hayton Navi 27 x 49cm.jpg
Haytom Wolf 32 x 29cm.jpg

Daniel Hayton

Wolf Mask (left) 32 x 29cm £700

Navi Mask (centre) 27 x 49cm £650

Pepita Mask (Right) 27 x 26cm £675

Mixed Media

Reda Yazback
Chelsea College of Arts, UAL

Reda Yazback ,Face the world with your face, 30 x 30 x 8cm.jpg

Redea Yazback

Face the world with your face

Installation made from LED light wire, metal wire and concrete

30 x 38 x 17cm


Harriette Lloyd
University of Brighton

Harriet Lloyd, Nervously Fumbling, Oil on canvas, 97 x 56cm.jpg

Harriette lloyd

Nervously Fumbling

Oil on canvas

97 x 56cm


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