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Jud Turner was born in Eugene, Oregon in 1969. Emphasis was placed on education and creativity throughout Turners upbringing, he has always drawn, painted and sculpted - aiming to make some sort of tangible record of his experiences and his impressions of the world around him. He studied drawing and painting, earning a BFA from the University of Oregon. In the early 1990's sculptural works became his main artistic output, focusing on direct welded steel work and found object assemblages.

Turner has created outstanding public art sculptures including a 5 metre high 'Great Blue Heron' Sculpture for the City of Eugene, and a life-size Mammoth skeleton which is a permanant exhibit at the Moses Lake Museum and Art Centre.
Currently Turner lives and works in Eugene, with his wife Melissa, their 3 cats, and Ziggy the Piggy.

'Jud Turner's range of sculpture is fairly varied in terms of subject matter, but this artist is consistent in his use of found objects and welded steel. Biology, technology, ancient fossils and modern machinery are all inspiration for Turner's work. Some of the very intricate pieces combine nature and mechanics, others involve the human anatomy either symbolically or as part of the machinery. The work is wrought with intentional contradictions in scale concept & approach'. - The Modern and Contemporary Art Blog, March 2009


Please contact the gallery on: with any enquiries regarding Jud Turner's artwork

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