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Canadian artist Laurent Viens works mainly with wood and metal, constantly challenging himself, and thriving to produce work that celebrates those who have crossed his path.

Black – in various media and texture - has always played an important role in Viens’ artwork. Trained by Brother Je´ro^me (a mentor of many Quebec artists) at the age of 12, and with very limited financial means, Viens needed to find materials that would enable him to paint at little cost. He purchased a gallon of roofing tar and through experimentation, realised that a subtle palette of at least twenty shades, could be achieved through dilution. Since then tar as a medium has continued to inhabit his artwork.

Despite the presence of black and use of dark shades, light too is important in Viens work. Through working on white grounds, exploring engraving, paper, polished metal, linoleum and many other materials he successfully incorporates light into his work. Viens often works unconventional canvasses. Wood, metal, aluminium, steel, car hoods, and, also a sculptor, in 2011, Laurent completed the installation of a large-scale, steel transport-themed sculpture in Quebec’s City of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Since 2011 Laurent Viens has been working on the unique URBANIA series as shown here. This approach integrates sculpture, engraving and painting on both concave and convex structures. These large scale, 3 dimensional, innovative artworks emanate a sense of calm. His work is beautifully tactile and displays a sense of delicateness and subtlety true to the artist’s 40 years of experience.

Please contact the gallery on: with any enquiries regarding Laurent Viens's artwork

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