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Born in 1974, Brussels

Lene Bladbjerg is a Danish artist based in London. She was born in Denmark in 1974, and grew up in Brussels, Belgium. The multinational environment prompted Lene's passion for exploring new countries and cultures, which has subsequently influenced her work as a visual artist.

Lene Bladbjerg attended Kent Institute of Art and Design in 1995, and later in the year 2000 she graduated from London College of Printing with a First Class Honours Degree in Graphic and Media Design. During her time studying, she had the opportunity to engage in work placements in Denmark, England and The Philippines. She has since been working from her studio in Crystal Palace, South London, as a full-time visual artist and freelance graphic designer. 

Lene Bladbjerg’s work is influenced by her background as a graphic designer. Typography and grids drift in and out of her pieces creating haunting images and surprising messages. Her work can be very thought-provoking. She pays great attention to the smaller scale details of everyday life. Through her more graphic work Bladbjerg attempts to capture the hidden beauty or interesting aspects of even the most ordinary of events or objects. Other work by Bladbjerg is created by incorporating unusual materials, often re-cycled or re-purposed, such as is shown here at Woolff Gallery. In this exhibition the beautiful and delicate artwork is in contrast created using blades and razors... All safely sealed behind glass. 

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