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Woolff_Gallery_Love_Jordan_Unconscious L


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Woolff_Gallery_LoveJordan_Flamingo Pie


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Woolff_Gallery_Love_Jordan_badly behaved
Woolff_Gallery_LoveJordan_Yellow Fever


LoveJordan is the collaborative works of artists Jonny Love and Samuel Jordan. The duo work in a large variety of mediums

and produce a wide range of interesting and intricate pieces. LoveJordan are fascinated by complexity, en masse, sprawling cities, human desire to fill empty spaces and miniatures. They have created a vast body of work exploring these themes including:

Excessively large ink works of London seemingly flowing into infinity. 

An estimated 36,000 ink and pencil coloured tessellating shapes on a single piece of paper.

A miniature library made entirely out of paper containing over 100,000 elements.

An elaborate marble run with 66 entangled tracks and thousands of found publication dots and commas gathered on a single



Over the years LoveJordan have been commissioned by a variety of high profile clients including the BBC and the Saudi Royal

family, as well as a number of corporate and private collectors.


Exhibitions include:

2016 - Battersea Affordable art fair, Luminaires art first gallery show, Wimbledon art studios open studio exhibition

2015 Brussels Affordable art fair, Battersea Affordable art fair, New York affordable art fair, Wimbledon art studios open studio

show, BBC great British design challenge, Moreton gallery, Vallebona solo show, Singapore affordable art fair, Wimbledon art

studio open studio show

2014 Art and Clyde, Guildford, London Affordable art fair, Hong Kong Affordable art fair, Caiger Spring showcase, Wimbledon

art open studio exhibition, Hampstead Affordable art fair, Moreton Gallery, Personal Spaces, Caiger Autumn showcase, Manchester

buy art fair, Decorex, BBC Great British Design Challenge, Windsor art fair with Caiger art, Wimbledon art studios open

studio exhibition, Singapore affordable art fair, The London Art Collective at Hülsta Esher

2013 Solo month show at Vallebona, Emerging Realities show at Craft Central, Clerkenwell, Wimbledon Art open studios Exhibition,

Dulwich Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Rebellion Gallery, BBC Great British Design Challenge, Singapore affordable

art fair, Wimbledon art open studio Exhibition

2012 Wimbledon art studios open studio exhibition

2011 Wimbledon art studios open studio exhibition

2010 Wimbledon Art open studio Exhibition.

Please contact the gallery on: with any enquiries regarding Love Jordans's artwork

Click here to download LoveJordan 2017 exhibition catalogue

Woolff Gallery, 89 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 4PU

T: +44 (0) 207 631 0551   

Weds, Thurs & Fri: Gallery open 11am - 6pm (or by appointment)

Mon, Tues & Sat: by appointment only

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