Patrick Boyd, Dyson with Death, lenticular artwork, 60 x 60cm
Patrick Boyd, Poetry, Lenticular artwork, 60 x 60cm
Patrick Boyd, Shuttlecock
Patrick Boyd, I feel better already, Lenticular artwork
Patrick Boyd, Globe Trotter, Lenticular artwork, 60 x 60cm
Patrick Boyd, Globe Trotter, Lenticular artwork, 60 x 60cm
Patrick Boyd, Tin Can, Glazed lenticular print, 90 x 90cm, Edition of 5
Patrick Boyd, Panic Buying, Glazed lenticular artwork, 90 x 90cm
Patrick Boyd, Wipe your feet
Patrick Boyd, Space Candy, 90x90cm
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Patrick Boyd creates lenticular photographs from sequences of images. Initially Boyd meticulously constructs miniature, fictitious, scenes in his studio on the Welsh borders. He then takes multiple photographs of these scenes which he then uses to create lenticular prints with a 3-dimensional effect.

Boyd's colourful and eclectic artworks are laced with humour, some works present a light-hearted take on current affairs such as 'Panic buying', (which illustrates a couple wheeling a shopping trolley full of loo roll across the globe during the onset of the global lock-downs), and some pieces celebrate historical moments such as the Moon Landing. Whatever the theme Boyd's artwork acts as a reminder not to take life too seriously..

Patrick Boyd has an MA in Photography and Holography from the Royal College of Art, London and was a Fellow in Media Arts at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne.  He was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship for a year-long artist residency at the Museum of Holography in New York and has created multiple projects through the HoloCenter Pulse Laser Holography program.  His solo exhibitions include Butler Museum of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio, USA; Royal College of Art – Link Gallery, London, UK and Art House, Takasaki and Neuse Gallery, Maiebashi, Gunma-ken, Japan