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AAF Battersea - Spring 2024

Updated: Mar 10

With the arrival of March, we return to Battersea park's exhibition hall for the Affordable Art Fair. Woolff Gallery is delighted to present a number of new works from our represented artists, all of whom have been hard at work developing new editions - see below! We will be in our usual spot near the bar, and we very much look forward to seeing some of you there. You may enquire about any of the work, or contact us via email at:

An array of LoveJordan miniature shelf installations, Susila Bailey-Bond's paper-cut, and Russell West's 'Little Boxes'

A prime location for LoveJordan's newest concoctions! A series of wittily-labeled bottle sculptures (see Elephant's Breath).

Patrick Boyd's beloved TFL lenticular series 'The End of the Line' (spot the Wombles!)

Josh Gluckstein is back with a trio of magnificent Animal heads

Apolline Bokkerink's charcoal snowscapes made their art fair debut next to Onyx's bionics giraffe.

LoveJordan's houseplant library next to Susila Bailey-Bond's 'Hydrangea' and Mona Lisa (see 'Dot painting')

We even managed to capture some of our artists next to their work...!

From top left: Jonny Love from LoveJordan, Apolline Bokkerink, Patrick Boyd, Susila Bailey-Bond, Jack Tanner, Josh Gluckstein


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