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AAF Hampstead - May 2024

Updated: May 29

Last week marked another (sunny!) edition of the Affordable Art Fair, this time in our beloved Hampstead Heath (all hail the natural light). We wanted to share with you some of the stellar new works which were on show, all made by our talented artists working in 3D & mixed media. See below for some highlights and installation shots featuring a genius new dot painting by Susila Bailey-Bond, a gorgeous collection of bespoke woollen landscapes from Lucy Storrs and a magnificent bull sculpture by Onyx. Thank you to all those who came through, and congratulations to our wonderful artists for continuing to create such mesmerising work! If any of these caught your eye, please do not hesitate to get in touch at:

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Nick, Susila and Apolline x

Carol Peace's bronze resin I Have It Here, Susila Bailey Bond's two stunning dot portraits of Beethoven and Vermeer, and Anna Kruhelska's folded paper works.

A spherical display with Joanne Tinker's popular goblets and chairs behind Carol Peace's intimate bronze couple sculpture.

Susila Bailey-Bond's symphony of blue paper cuts from her latest exhibition next to Lucy Storrs' gorgeous textile river scene.

Bionics Bull by Onyx is an assemblage of thousands of found objects and toys finished with a gilded plating in a water-based spray form: a dark and playful look at the Wall Street charging bull.

LoveJordan's latest edition of Badly Behaved Bottles: a showstopper!

A couple of artist portraits in pastel! Jack Tanner by his hypnotic Passing Skies, (acrylic spray paint on shaped canvas), and Susila Bailey-Bond next to her incredible re-mastering of David Hockney's A Bigger Splash: a true feat of perception which shifts as you walk near.


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