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Emma Taylor - New Artist!

Updated: Feb 16

Introducing young artist Emma Taylor to the gallery! Emma started making book sculptures in her late teens. Wishing to combine her interest in academic study with her passion for the creative arts, she found the form of the book to be her perfect medium, and has forged her own style from the two ever since.

Tend the Flowers, Butterflies Will Come

For Emma, the book's narrative informs her work's subject matter. Repurposing old novels and vintage editions from market stalls and antique shops into sculptures, she divines beautiful paper 3D models from their pages.These scenes are miniature worlds which chime with imagination, and bewilder in the levels of intricacy and patience required to achieve.

Sweet Nectar - a larger-than-life hummingbird drinks the nectar from a flower atop an Oxford pocket book of birds.

“The main theme in my work is the natural world. In order to achieve balance in our increasingly digital society, we need to return to and embrace nature.” EMMA TAYLOR

These books become bedrocks for more life. Flora, fauna, steam trains and sailing ships burst from their covers, dressed in their thousands with individually-cut strips of text. Hyper-real, mystical, and always conveying a deeper understanding of paper beyond its use as a carrier of stories, Emma’s sculptures deliver a beautiful reminder to us all: nature is at the heart of it, and she has much to tell. Regularly transforming pages back into trees, she elucidates on the notion that they might contain more wisdom than we might ever read..

From Days Past



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