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Froxfield - Highlights 2023

Woolff Gallery returned to The Barn, Froxfield in Hampshire this weekend for a second year running. A massive thank you to all those involved! From a great turn out on Friday evening's private view, to performance art workshops with the local schools Bedales and Churches hosted by our very own Carali McCall, and an afternoon of wonderful serenading music accompanied by tea and cake with Joel and the Band and student harpist Imogen on Sunday.. a truly brilliant weekend, see highlights below! We'll be back for more in 2024...

Photo credits: Daniel Hughes

Carali McCall, Susila Bailey-Bond, Onyx, Russell West

Anna Khruhelska, Josh Gluckstein, Patrick Boyd

Daniel Hughes, Valeria Nascimento, Joanne Tinker, Carol Peace, Keith Haynes

Our Giant Duck nestled in our sculpture garden behind a Carol Peace made quite an impression on the locals.

Friday's Private View

Thank you to Hambledon sparkling wine for sponsoring us


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