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Froxfield - June 2024

Woolff Gallery was delighted to return to Petersfield in Hampshire last weekend to host another rendition of the Barn at Froxfield: our annual pop-up exhibition. The opening night was a treat, accompanied by a reception of Hambledon Sparkling Wine and locally-brewed pale ales from Triple fff Brewery. It’s always a delight to see familiar faces returning, and to all the new ones: welcome! Scroll down for new works, garden sculptures, install shots and highlights from the exhibition...

Froxfield is also a chance for our artists to enjoy the art too! Our lenticular artist Patrick Boyd and dog admiring Anna Kruhelska and Susila Bailey-Bonds' paper cuts.

This year marked our largest collection of art to date, with a variety of local and international artists represented by the gallery showing their latest wall-based works and sculptures. The barn was host to works by Miranda Donovan, Verona Sorensen, Tommy Penton, Susila Bailey-Bond, Joanne Tinker, LoveJordan, Lucy Storrs, Josh Gluckstein, Valeria Nascimento, Anna Kruhelska, Oona Hassim, Patrick Boyd, Alban, Jack Tanner, Graeme Purdy, Keith Haynes, Apolline Bokkerink, Onyx, Emma Taylor, Gerry Buxton, The McGuires, Lene Bladbjerg, Russell West, Daisy Boman, Jack Allum, Carol Peace and Christopher Pike.

Lucy Storrs' Abstract Landscapes simmer with colour and movement.

Joanne Tinker's signature goblets next to a trio of Patrick Boyd's tongue-in-cheek lenticulars.

And a selection of the latest creations made by our wonderful artists demonstrates the sheer variety of talent we have in the Woolff Gallery stable:

Warm Toast for Tea by Russell West

Fields of Joy by Susila Bailey-Bond

Wild as the Hare by Emma Taylor

It was also first time the winners of the South Downs Photography Competition were shown to the public as part of the exhibition, which included some incredible astrological shots of Hampshire’s National Park. Thank you to curator Richard Murray!

Cowdray Cosmos by Richard Murray

An Evening Embrace by Richard Murray

Shots from the opening night...

Viewers marvelling at Miranda Donovan's mixed media wall paintings

Sunday's tea and (homemade) cake concert always garners popular appeal...

We particularly loved bringing you a host of outdoor sculptures, from Finn Stone's larger-than-life dogs, to local artist Christopher Pike's sensational Douglas fir wood sculptures and Carol Peace's human figures inspired by life drawing.

Finn Stone's iconic Spot the Dog: a pun and play on Damien Hirst

Christopher Pike's wooden sculptures, Russell West and Carol Peace's cast iron figures embedded in the landscape.

We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did, and we look forward to seeing you again soon! For more information on any of the artworks you've seen here, please do not hesitate to contact us at or visit our artist's pages.


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