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Josh Gluckstein - Museum feature

Updated: Mar 6

Lima the Llama, a well-known favourite of Josh Gluckstein's works in fabric, has been unveiled by the Weltmuseum in Wien, Austria as an artwork featuring in their exhibition: "On the Backs of Camels!" The exhibition opened this week to commemorate the United Nations' decree that 2024 will be the 'International Year of the Camelids' - Lima the Llama will spend the year on loan as part of a thematic collection of artworks, artefacts and media which explore how Camelids continue to play an important role in helping human societies survive and thrive throughout the ages. Congratulations, Josh!

Josh Gluckstein, Lima the Llama, 175 x 195 x 75 cm. recycled cardboard, fabric and faux-fur

Insights into the Private View last Thursday

Installation shot depicting Gluckstein's Llama next to artefacts of domestication.


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