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Lucy Storrs - New Artist!

Updated: Feb 9

Welcome Lucy Storrs to the gallery! Lucy’s works are intricately connected, like her, to the land. Growing up on a remote sheep farm in Dartmoor, her love of painting and its gestural capabilities situate her in an incredibly unique position: that of a textured landscapist marrying wool with colour.

Little Lark in the Sky

Inspired by romantic environments and early dreams of becoming a shepherdess, Lucy is as obsessed with paint as she is with wool -  the landscapes she conjures up emerge from a desire to express this through needle felting:

“In some ways I should be a painter, but I just can’t let go of wool.” LUCY STORRS

Her works strike a fine balance, relinquishing control of each spool to intervene as a weaver of colour and movement, activating each barb of this soft and translucent material so that it emerges from her hands as if almost animated.

April Showers

There is an undisputed charm about these landscapes. Strikingly emotive yet open to interpretation, Lucy's fields of wool call forth in us something secretly nostalgic, yet entirely contemporary in rendition. They bring up memories of particular places we hold dear, triggering our own connections to the land. Through layers of bright colouring, although incongruent to the natural tones of the country, what is felt draws her, and us, in.

April Showers captures the promise of overcast skies over a moody, verdant ravine, cast here as neon yellow threads on grey-green fuchsia slopes, whilst Winter Majestry evokes the ascending tones of a Vaughan Williams or a Hardy poem, her flock of birds delicately sowed into crisp swathes of periwinkle, yellow, white and grey.

Winter Majestry


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