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Spotlight: Graeme Purdy

This week, we're turning our gaze to our incredible photographer and documentary wildlife enthusiast, Graeme Purdy! The gallery is thrilled to have been the first to represent Graeme over five years ago, and in recognition of an artist who truly goes the extra mile, we highlight a few shots from behind the scenes below...

Graeme scouting for big cats in the Masai Mara, Kenya

"It was my aspiration to create a real sense of engagement with my subjects, yet it had to be balanced at all times with respect for the animals, which was paramount."

In his Eight Feet series, Purdy captures some of Africa's wildcats in their natural environment, using a telephotographic lens to get up close and personal with his subjects. These portraits encapsulate a mutual willingness to learn as Purdy rethinks the camera as a collaborative stimulus, building a remote-control unit to house his camera. His process, rather than invading their space, creates a shared sense of engagement between man and beast. At times hostile, at other times comical in their pursuit of Purdy's equipment, these images are a testament to the varying degrees of connection displayed by both Purdy and the animals, indicating acute levels of emotional curiosity, respectful distance and exhibited intimacy.

Purdy's remote-powered camera on wheels enables him to get ground-level shots of his subjects

A young leopard takes a swipe at the device
The tripod fared less well...
“When you have a camera on a remote buggy, you realise that certain animals are more friendly than others - you start to get more engaging and connected images. Quite often, there's direct eye contact, and all the while, I'm really thinking: how do I get an ethical image where I'm sort of knocking on their door without crashing their party?"

If you thought eight feet was close, think again. This recent underwater shot features Graeme a mere three feet away from an alligator in Mexico, revealing the lengths to which he will go to get the perfect shot. (Although you wish he opted for that extra mile)

"Our oceans are in just as much pressure as our land-based life. I've spent the last few months researching, practicing, and training for the challenges that lie ahead. I hope to bring you some new images to help share the conservation issues and ignite your imagination on what we can do."

If you are interested in any of Graeme's works, you can find a catalogue of his Eight Feet series here, or take a look at his incredible video montages which document his shooting process and did an excellent job of soothing us into spring. The gallery is contactable via email at should you have any further queries.


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