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Susila Bailey-Bond - Artsy Feature

We are delighted to announce Susila Bailey-Bond has been featured as one of Artsy's artists to watch for her mesmerising new spot paintings!

Susila Bailey-Bond reinterprets Old Master paintings in a triumph of colour-matching and depth of tone.

In a world marked by digital interfaces, Bailey-Bond reflects a current move towards more handcrafted ways of life. Influenced by conversations on the interrelations of colour and tone with artists such as Zac Freeman, her works reconfigure canonical works from art history demonstrating high levels of sfumato into a neo-Pointillist painting. Translating the palette into over 1200 individually-painted wooden discs, she carefully matches each disc to a section of the original work. Doing so paves the way for a new technique of painting where subtle shifts in hue take centre stage. Creating a trompe l’oeil effect through the added variable of depth, Bailey-Bond's paintings resonate with a chromatic three-dimensionality - they shimmer with analog pixellations and play on our tendencies to recognise the individual over the whole.


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