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“My paintings are inspired by material and surfaces such as weathered doors and walls that serve as testimony to the passing of time. Imprinted by the beauty of experience, these surfaces parallel the depth and layers of the human existence. 

My technique consists of building multiple layers of heavily textured oil paint mixed with encaustic wax and sand onto canvas or wood panel then scraping away through the thick coats in order to reveal the rich surfaces and colours below. Because of this laborious process, a painting takes many months, sometimes years to materialize.
I want to reveal the beauty lingering below surfaces. 

My paintings communicate strength and vulnerability. Like a lotus flower emerging from the mud, my works act as analogies of the human condition: the hardships and triumphs, the darkness and luminosity”. Verona Sorensen

Verona Sorensen was born in Montreal to a Filipino nurse and a West Coast Nordic painter. Her earlier years were spent between the Eastern Townships and Mexico. After completing a BFA at Montreal’s Concordia University, Verona embarked on her painting career when she was invited to apprentice with the ‘Dormice’ art collective in Florence, Italy. After 2 years of training in Italy, she moved to Ajijic, Mexico to study encaustic painting.

Sorensen’s exhibition history includes solo shows at the Winsor Gallery in Vancouver, Artfirm Gallery in Calgary, Ajolote Arte Contemporain and Haus der Kunst in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Rosemont La Maison de la Culture in Montreal.
She featured in prominent international group shows at the Gallery Ernst Hilger, the Galerie Burgenlaendisches in Austria, the Pushkin Gallery in Massachusetts and the SJCS gallery in Washington, D.C.. In Canada she participated in numerous collective exhibitions, most notably at the Hayden Beck Gallery in Whistler, and in Montreal at the Hollinger Collins Contemporary Fine Arts, and Gallery D’Este.

Verona’s works can be found in the major corporate collections of Loto-Quebec, Bankers Hall and Jameson Development Corp. Her work can also be found in important private collections in Canada, Europe, Mexico and the United States.

Please contact the gallery on: with any enquiries regarding Verona Serensen's artwork

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