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Wycliffe Stuchbury has worked with wood for the last 25 years, he studied at the London College of Furniture, and subsequently worked as a furniture maker. He now lives and works on his farm in Sussex, England, a place which proves an invaluable inspiration to his work. 


Wycliffe co-founded Blue Monkey Studio (an artist’s studio in Eastbourne) with three fellow graduates of Brighton University, he also spent several years as a model maker and tutor at the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture, London. 


In 2009 The Crafts Council presented Wycliffe with the Best Contribution to Show Award for his work at Origin 2009 at Somerset House, London.


“I have now returned to wood as my medium and increasingly I find myself reluctant to intervene. It has its own story to tell.” - Wycliffe Stuchbury


“My compositions from fallen and forgotten timber are studies in the narrative beauty of wood. They are made to reveal timbers’ response to its environment over time. Its unfashioned beauty, durability, and vulnerability. The origin of the material I use is central to my work. Whether it be discarded floorboards from a Victorian terraced house, a garden fence, a branch of Sycamore found on the floor of the scrub that fringes the fields of the Sussex Downs, or a 40 year old Oak gate post, the sense of place is very important" - Wycliffe Stuchbury

Please contact the gallery on: with any enquiries regarding Wycliffe Stuchbury's artwork

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