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Process is at the core of Jack Tanner’s practice, creating highly structured and carefully rendered artworks composed from a system of thought. Tanner’s works are a result of his methodological approach and are a combination of his visualization of a mathematical formula, and his artistic knowledge and understanding of colour and technique. The works reflect the characteristics of the systematic geometry present within nature and the purity and patterns found within numbers and formulae that can transform the world into a more beautiful place.

Through the use of everyday hardware such as wood-screws, combined with spray paint or oils, Tanner’s optical explorations display an elegant and fascinating movement of physical form and colour. Tanner’s artworks appear to shift before the eye, changing in their appearance depending on the angle by which they are viewed.

Having been trained by his father as a cabinet maker from a young age, Tanners practical ability is refined beyond his years, and it was in 2012 after being given a bag of screws that Tanner realised the potential of using re-purposed screws as a primary medium for his work.

Each artwork produced is the result of numerous working drawings and it is here that the artist gains key knowledge to inform his future works, Tanner’s latest work ‘Transition Series’ is a tenacious and delicate work made up from 12 individual panels, this new artwork displays intelligence and clarity through its complex simplicity and the elegant tones of colour used.

Since graduating in 2012 with First class honours from Wimbledon School of Art, Tanner’s artwork has received an exceptional response from collectors, his work has been presented in a number of group exhibitions and art fairs, and his debut solo exhibition at Woolff Gallery in 2018 was an outstanding success.

Please contact the gallery on: info@woolffgallery.co.uk with any enquiries regarding Jack Tanner's artwork