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As we progress through our Summer programme Woolff Gallery is delighted to present this playful and engaging exhibition from the prolific, creative duo Jonny Love and Sam Jordan. Here the pair focus purely on their complex library works adhering to their signature style of repetition and miniatures. These humorous compositions stem from the 'Writers Block' series, where a blank looking library installation awaits inspiration, and the pages prepare to be filled with your thoughts.

Drawing on their own experience, 'Tax return nightmare' became a new addition to the collection, chaotic piles of paper and receipts fall from cabinets and surround the desk - a situation with which many of us will be all too familiar. Also drawing on personal experiences, 'We have Children' was inspired by some children's drawings at a friends house - displaying a take on a moment when the parents may not have been in the room...


Also presented here is a version of 'Writers Block' as a sculptural dome, a freestanding work which charmingly houses its own mini version of itself, as well as the freestanding 'Unusual Library',which has a hint of Hogwarts about it and comes complete with oversized ladders and tiny people. And finally to mention 'Love Letters', where a splash of colour turns a simple library into a work of love... All of these new works sit alongside some old favourites 'Pure Books', 'Bright Ideas', and 'Writers Block'.

In contrast to the bold colours of LoveJordans previous exhibition at Woolff Gallery: 'The Toy Series', the colours in this library show are minimal and cool, just what you need to take respite from these crazy hot Summer days in London. We look forward to welcoming you at the gallery soon.

Please click on the images below for a slide show, and please contact us if you require any additional images or information about any of the works.


'We Have Children'

Paper library with felt pen scribbles inside black box frame

104 x 144cm



'Tax Return Nightmare'

Paper installation inside white box frame

90 x 126cm



'Love Letters'

Paper and glass vials with scrolls. inside black box frame

104 x 144 x 7cm



'The Unusual Library'

Freestanding paper installation inside perspex case, with wooden base

123 x 14 x 67cm


LoveJordan, Pure Books, 104 x 144cm, paper, inside white frame


'Pure Books'

Folded paper book installation on tiny shelves

Inside white box frame

144 x 104 x 7cm



'Organised Beach Scene'

Folded paper on small shelves inside white box frame

104 x 104 x 7cm



'Writers Block Library'

Folded paper and vials on small shelves inside white box frame

104 x 104 x 7cm



'Organise This'

Folded paper on shelves, inside white box frame

90 x 126 x 7cm



'Bright Ideas'

Folded paper installation on shelves, inside black box frame

144 x 104 x 7cm


lovejordan, writers block library dome


'Writers Block Dome'

Folded paper installation

Inside glass dome

45 x 20 x 20cm 


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