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Graduate Art Show 2023 - Highlights

The second iteration of the much-anticipated Graduate Art Show opened this Thursday to a lively private view: a testament to the outstanding variety of works in 2D and 3D on display. We were blown away by the quality and range of ideas expressed, and feeling much inspired, would like to share with you some highlights from the exhibition. Catch it while you can...!

Zacharias Patsalides - Full Moon

Isa Barontini - Pillow Talk

Shinhye You - In the Name of Sacrifice

Abigail Downey - A Tool for Mass Destruction

Anna Christophersen - Listing

Milly Aburrow - Fill Me In

Rebecca Munday - Red Mist

Polly Goodey - Mein Opa und Ich

Nandhit Reddy Vasanth - The Big Electron

Charlie Ottaway - Instruments of Life


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